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Today's Tutorial

"The only constant is change."
Diogenes Laertius

Mergers, restructures, down-sizing, relocations - change is a fact of life!

It's natural to find change unsettling and worrying.

Understanding the emotions involved in change can make it easier to survive (and thrive!) when the workplace changes.

Click on the link to find out more.

Mobile EnabledThis tutorial is mobile phone and PC enabled. Max score: 2 CPD points

How to Thrive When Things Change

This tutorial is an extract from:
Change Management Certificate

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 Make yourself promotable

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 Achieve more with less - the 80/20 rule

 Understanding Learning Styles

 More HTML

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 Using Conditional IF Statements in Excel

 Can You Read Faster?

 MS Outlook - Appointments

 How to say no!

 MS Excel - Importing Text Files

 Active Listening

 MS Word - Using Macros

 Grammar - Try This Test!

 New Manager - Getting It Right from the Start

 MS Excel Scenarios

 Problem Solving

 Employment Law Update 2010

 MS Outlook - Adding a Signature

 Change Your Inner Dialogue

 The 4 Ps of Marketing

 Pictures & Images - MS Word

 Secrets of Persuasion

 How to Motivate People (3 theories)

 Goal Seek - MS Excel

 Improve Your Memory

 How to get more done - delegate!

 MS Word - Find and Replace

 Taking Minutes in Meetings

 MS Excel - Sorting & Filtering

 Absence Management - The Back to Work Interview - Personal Trainer

 Bullying & Harassment - Personal Trainer

 Successful Networking - Personal Trainer

 MS Excel - Pivot Tables - Personal Trainer

 Charisma - Developing the X Factor

 How to be an Influencing Star

 Delivering Fantastic Customer Service - Personal Trainer

 Asbestos Awareness - Personal Trainer

 Negotiating - A Game - Personal Trainer

 Assertiveness and Self Confidence - Personal Trainer

 Managing eMail Overload - Personal Trainer

 Giving Critical Feedback - Personal Trainer

 Conflict Resolution Scenarios - Personal Trainer

 He missed the deadline! - A coaching opportunity - Personal Trainer

 Getting more from MS Excel Spreadsheets - Personal Trainer

 Grammar and Writing Skills - Personal Trainer

 First Aid Scenarios - an refresher programme

 Essential Time Management - SkillGate/Academy10 Personal Trainer

 Accept or Except?

 Avoid Common Spelling Mistakes

 Avoid Pleonasm - Writing Clearly and Concisely

 Business Writing Style

 Could of, Would of or Should of?

 Dangling Participles

 Double Negatives

 Fewer or Less?

 Getting the Right Tone

 How to Plan and Write a Document

 How to Write in Sentences

 i.e. versus e.g.

 Its or It's?

 Lets or Let's

 Like or As?

 Maybe and Anyway

 Me or I?

 Practice or Practise?

 Presenting Information Clearly

 Punctuating Quotations

 Split Infinitives

 Then or Than?

 To, Too or Two?

 Using Capitals

 Using Colons

 Using -ible and -able

 Using Language Suitable for Your Audience

 Using Paragraphs

 Using Parenthesis

 Using Semi-Colons

 Who or Whom?

 Whose or Who's

 Writing in Plain English

 Writing Numbers

 Document Themes - Word 2010

 Templates - Word 2010

 Navigation Pane - Word 2010

 SmartArt - Word 2010

 Borders & Shading - Word 2010

 Sorting - Word 2010

 Track Changes - Word 2010

 Using the Ribbon - Excel 2010

 References - Excel 2010

 Popular Functions - Excel 2010

 Slicers - Excel 2010

 IF Statements - Excel 2010

 Importing CSV Files - Excel 2010

 Linking Workbooks - Excel 2010

 Views - Outlook 2010

 Instant Search - Outlook 2010

 Quick Steps - Outlook 2010

 Archiving Data - Outlook 2010

 Tasks and Task Reminders - Outlook 2010

 Advanced Settings - Outlook 2010

 Themes - PowerPoint 2010

 Templates - PowerPoint 2010

 Multiple Presentations - PowerPoint 2010

 Format Text Boxes - PowerPoint 2010

 Tables - PowerPoint 2010

 Shapes - PowerPoint 2010

 Clips, Images and Pictures - PowerPoint 2010

 Animating Screen Elements - PowerPoint 2010

 Working with Multimedia and the Internet - PowerPoint 2010

 Notes & Handouts - PowerPoint 2010

 Exceed Customer Expectations - Kotler's 5 Product Levels


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